Africa Primates – Primate watching in Africa

Primates are one of Africa’s prime safari attractions due to the number of travelers that transfer to the various safari destinations in Africa to track and encounter them in their natural vegetation habitat. The Primates have larger brains compared to other mammals and these include; lemurs, monkeys, apes, chimpanzees, Gorilla, Bonobos, Orangutan, humans.

These can be found and seen in various countries i.e Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc.

Countries to Visit.

Uganda ( Pearl of Africa)

Uganda has various primates travelers can watch while on a holiday safari adventure. These are watched in different National parks which include; Kibale Forest National Park with many Chimpanzee Communities, black-and-white colobus, red-tailed monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, Holst’s and blue monkeys, and olive baboons as well as nocturnal Primates like the Bush Baby and Potto. Bwindi Forest National Park with the rare species of Mountain Gorillas i.e 14 different habituated groups that can be tracked and Mgahinga National Park with the Mountain Gorillas and the brilliantly colored Golden Monkeys.

There are however other destinations in Uganda where travelers can experience Chimpanzee Tracking, Viewing, and habituation as well as Primate tracking in which they will view other primates in their natural vegetation habitat. These include; Ngamba Island, Kyambura Gorge, Kaniyo Pabidi Eco-Tourism Site-Budongo Forest, and Semliki National Park. Check on Uganda primate Safaris


Top primate safari destination also referred to as the Land of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda has numerous Primate watching Expeditions available for both Luxury Watching tours & Budget Trips >

Primate Safari Experiences offers Primate tours ranging from Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzee & Golden monkey watching in Volcanoes National Park. The Rwanda Safaris include a 1-day gorilla trek Rwanda to 7 Days Rwanda Safari with Knowledgeable Safari guide in a strong 4×4 Landcruiser.

The Top National parks of Rwanda visited for primate watching tours are Volcanoes national park & Nyungwe forest national park with top luxury lodges like one and only, Bisate Lodge. Read more

DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a lovely destination for the Primates and hosts the rare species like the Eastern lowland gorillas, Bonobos & Western Lowland gorillas without forgetting the Mountain gorillas.

In Congo, the most visited part in the Eastern congo that is North Kivu and South Kivu that hosts the Mountain gorillas & Eastern Lowland gorillas.

Check on the Congo gorilla Safari to enjoy a holiday with Primate Safari Experiences.

See the Primates to Enjoy on Africa Safari Holiday.

Mountain Gorillas

The Mountain gorillas are among the rare primates and it’s ranked as an expensive primate to be seen while on An Africa Safari holiday.

Mountain Gorillas are one of Africa’s prime safari attractions due to the number of travelers that transfer to Africa to adventure these unique Primate species. They inhabit the thick montane Forest vegetation habitats around the continent in the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They live in groups of 8-15 individuals with a dominant male Silverback leading the group, followed by Adult Females, then Black Backs-Young Gorillas, and then Juveniles/ Infant Gorillas.

In Uganda these are tracked in Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, In Rwanda, these can be tracked in Volcanoes National park and DR Congo in Virunga National Park.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking is open in all the three destinations and the experience is never the same, we advise travelers that wish to have comparison safaris to book a visit to Rwanda and Uganda or Rwanda & Congo for the true Gorilla watching experience with Primate Safaris.

Take note of the difference in the gorilla trekking permits as Rwanda is ranked as the most expensive gorilla watching destination and Congo is the lowest Primate Watching country.

This Safari activity is done all year round and the parks are open for gorilla watching.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas

Eastern lowland gorillas are only found in Congo with two national parks of Maiko National Park & Kahuzi biega National Park However Kahuzi Biega National park is the only open for Eastern Lowland gorilla Watching tours. Primate Safari Experiences offers Eastern Lowland gorilla tours with special discounts

How to obtain the Gorilla Trekking Permit

The Gorilla trekking Permit can be obtained by contacting the Organizations responsible for Wildlife in the various countries or by contacting and booking your safari with a valid Tour operator agency.

In Uganda these can be obtained directly through the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda, and Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN) in DR Congo. You can as well as obtain your trekking permit through an authentic Tour Operator Agency.

Clients that have booked their tours with Primate Safari Experiences, we do take care of the Gorilla permit for your true guided Primate Watching Safari.

Primate Trekking Rules ( Gorillas & Chimps)

In all the various National Parks, the Gorilla Trekking Rules are similar and these will enable you have remarkable experiences around the Mountain and Eastern lowland Gorillas and the rules include;

  • Do not Litter in the park
  • Don’t startle the Gorillas
  • Keep a distance of 7 meters away from the Gorillas
  • Carry a valid Gorilla Trekking Permit
  • Do not make noise around the Gorillas
  • Wear the right Gear/Clothing
  • Transfer with a skilled Ranger guide
  • You will track the Gorillas in groups of 6-8 individuals
  • Only an hour is allowed to stay in the presence of the Gorillas
  • If you sick you should cancel your Gorilla Trekking adventure for the Gorillas are vulnerable to human illnesses.
  • In case you want to help yourself, speak to a range guide who will separate you from the group shortly and take you to a private area where you will dig a hole of 4 meters to help yourself. After, you will cover it with soil to prevent the Gorillas from getting ill.

What to Wear/ Carry for Gorilla Trekking

Transferring for Gorilla Trekking Adventures in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo carry wear the following gear to experience the best of the Gorillas in their natural forest vegetation habitat.

  • Trekking/ Hiking Boots
  • Woolen Gardening Gloves
  • Rain Jacket
  • Long-Sleeved T-Shirts/ Shirts
  • Long Pants/trousers, not jeans
  • Sweater
  • Cap/ Hat
  • Camera with no Flash
  • Snacks and Bottled water


The Chimpanzee is also a primate species that is tracked by travelers from all over the globe. It offers remarkable safari encounters to all due to its unique features and characteristics that look like those of humans. These can be viewed and adventured around many countries in Africa however Uganda is the most prima destination to offer you this due to the number of chimpanzees that inhabit the forest vegetation habitat of Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge, Kaniyo Pabidi Eco-Tourism Site-Budongo Forest, Ngamba Island, and Semuliki National Park. In Rwanda, these can be tracked in Nyungwe Forest National Park, and in DR Congo they can be watched in Tongo Forest.

Chimpanzee Tracking Process

The Chimpanzee Tracking Process is almost the same as the Gorilla Trekking process requiring you to transfer for a period of 2-4 hours searching for the rare species of chimpanzee in their natural vegetation habitat. You will move from one place to another with a skilled ranger guide and when you meet them, take numerous photos to keep for memories. You will transfer in groups of 6-8 people.

Chimpanzee Tracking Permit

The Chimpanzee tracking Permit is a MUST document to US $100 have if any traveler is interested in tracking the rare species of Chimpanzees. The cost of this varies from one destination to another as well as country. The Chimpanzee Tracking Permit in Uganda costs US $150 per person at Kibale Forest National Park, US $220 per person interested in Chimpanzee Habituation experiences and in Rwanda, it costs per person interested in tracking the chimpanzees of Nyungwe Forest National Park.

How to Obtain a Chimpanzee Tracking Permit

Just like the Gorillas, the chimpanzee tracking Permit can be obtained direct through the various Wildlife Management Organizations or through booking with an authorized tour operator agency.

What to Wear/ Carry for Chimpanzee Tracking

To enjoy your Chimpanzee Tracking Adventure in Africa, you should wear/ carry the following to enjoy every encounter around the beautiful intelligent primates.

  • Trekking/ Hiking Boots
  • Woolen Gardening Gloves
  • Rain Jacket
  • Long Sleeved T-Shirts/ Shirts
  • Long Pants/trousers not jeans
  • Sweater
  • Cap/ Hat
  • Camera with no Flash

Bonobos Watching

Also referred to as pygmy Chimpanzee, the bonobo is a primate very remarkable to track in the beautiful vast greenery Democratic Republic of Congo. These are almost like chimpanzee although have long legs, pink lips, dark face, and tail-tuft through adulthood as well as parted long hair on its head compared to the chimpanzees. In DR Congo, these are found 500,000 km2 (190,000 sq mi) area of the Congo Basin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa.

These can only be watched at the prominent Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary where you will enjoy watching these interact with their natural vegetation habitat. The Sanctuary is the only place you can watch the Bonobos in the entire world. Transfer here to experience and watch the world’s Bonobos in their natural vegetation habitat and you can as well as donate some money to support the lives of the endangered species of Bonobos.