Gorilla Safaris to Rwanda-Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda officially known as Republic of Rwanda and is a french colony, Rwanda is ranked highly when it comes to African gorilla Safari Destinations and its mostly known for gorilla trekking tours & Genocide memorials.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes requires you to secure the Rwandan gorilla permit which costs USD 750 Per trek & Ultimate gorilla expeditions always includes this in its quotations to clients. primate Safaris Rwanda advises travelers to book gorilla permit in advance to avoid disappointments.

Your Rwanda gorilla Safari can be tailored with the destination safari company  that has been offering rwanda gorilla tours, Cultural Tours & rwanda primate Safaris.

A Rwanda gorilla trek adventure to Volcanoes national park prepared by Primate Safaris-Rwanda the destination expert in tailoring Gorilla tours & wildlife safaris to Rwanda. Book a Rwanda Safari holiday to enjoy the discounted price.

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Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

4 Days Rwanda Chimps & Gorilla Tour

Book 4 Days Chimpanzee & Mountain Gorilla trekking to visit the Rwandan primates on rwanda safari holiday with the leading safari company in East Africa. Enjoy gorilla tours to volcanoes national Park.

Volcanoes National Park

5 Days Rwanda Gorilla & Hiking Tour

Enjoy gorilla trekking & hiking Mount Bisoke in Volcanoes national park on 5 Days Rwanda gorilla safari tour with primate safaris Rwanda at the most discounted price quotes with a local tour company.

3 Days Akagera Wildlife safari

7 Days Rwanda Safari adventure

Book 7 Days Rwanda gorilla & Wildlife safari adventure to enjoy gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park with ultimate gorilla expeditions. Visit the mountain gorillas & Chimps in Nyungwe forest.