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Active African Vacations limited .

As I look ahead for Primate Safaris, I am excited about the progress of tourism in East African Countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya ,Tanzania and Central African countries of DR Congo , Burundi with the future of Active African Vacations.The facilities available to our visitors to tourism in East Africa continue to improve in the countries of Rwanda , Uganda & DR congo. With this, we are able to provide a better African Experience for both Primate Safari & Wildlife Watching.

Active African Vacations LTD is an established, trusted, family-owned Destination Management Company based in Kampala Uganda. Our years of experience in travel in East Africa, and our hands-on approach to our clients’ travel needs, has made us one of the big gorilla Safari Company in Africa.

Active African Vacations (u) LTD is a limited company that was incorporated in Uganda (2008), now with 11 years experience in Tailoring gorilla tours to known safari destinations of Uganda, Rwanda & Democratic republic of congo for both Luxury & Budget Travelers.

Active African Vacations has focused our attention on training and upgrading the personnel, opening offices in key tourist centers, expanding and modernizing our workshop facilities, increasing the quantity and quality of our vehicles, and installing the necessary equipment for smooth communication with the outside world and linking our operations countrywide.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best primate tours in Rwanda, Uganda, Congo & Multi Country safaris that include gorilla trekking & Wildlife Safaris..

As reliable Safari company ,all gorilla trekking tours always includes what we think are the essential experiences on  primate adventure in Africa.

Our Philosophy.

#NO REGRETS isn’t just a travel philosophy, it’s a way of life, and living with no regrets is what drives us to be the absolute best we can be.

It’s about changing your perspective on the primates, walking in others shoes, witnessing different cultures, apes and wildlife explores, and ways of living.

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Leading Safari Company( About us)

We’d love to say it took a series of high-level brainstorming sessions to come up with East African & Central African’s most celebrated tour company, but the truth is it was all a whole lot simpler than that. Inspiration hit in the early 2000s, when one Edward realized that travellers were flying into his hometown in droves but lacked a serious tour operator to offer the great valued safaris to Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Democratic republic of Congo for Primates and wildlife adventures on a Multi country safaris  and then he formed Active African Vacations the leading safari company in Rwanda & Congo offering Gorilla Safaris to Visit the mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas beyond.

What makes us Different?

The difference we offer our customers is Quality. Our Specially designed 4WDSafari Jeep offer the perfect balance between Comfort, and small 4WD personalisation.

We offer a range of accommodation to suit your budget, and we are proud to offer prices that are as competitive as the cheapest in the market, without sacrificing quality and comfort.

Our tours and destinations are carefully crafted into “The Best of the Best,” giving YOU maximum enjoyment, and best value for money. See why Active African Vacations is the Peoples primate safari Company.

Meet Our Team


Joy is a very avid traveler with a lot of experience regarding Tours and Travel in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo. She is works in reservations hence can draft and design you the safari package of your dreams. Reach Her anytime to enjoy Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Tours in East Africa.
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As Web Designer Manager of Active African Vacations limited  from 2010, Edward was instrumental in upgrading the company website from ordinary to an extra adventure site  to  as well as in developing the Expanding the countries of operation to cover east African countries.
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Maggie Nabuuma

Maggie is a cultural reservations manager for all Cultural Expeditions to East African & Central African Cultures. She studied  archaeologist and is well informed about African Cultures. Other than Cultural Tours, she can cost and design you the safari itinerary of your preference in East Africa.
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Billy  has a diverse career background, although it has always directly or indirectly been property related. Having worked in Kenya and Tanzania his experience provided him with the tools to work in a dynamic atmosphere with a diverse team. It allowed him to utilize his technical ability to resolve changes.
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