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The Only Primate Safari Company

At Primate Safari Experience: we specialize in gorilla safaris on Habituation & Trekking,  Golden monkey Tours,  chimpanzee safaris and lemur safaris combined with other wildlife and cultural aspects of each destination to maximize your enjoyment of your holiday! Please find listed below a variety of information on the team behind Primate Safari Experiences, how we started, our conservation and responsible travel policies and recent information on trips that we have undertaken to explore new destinations!

Primate Safari Experiences LTD has over 10 years of tailoring primate safaris to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, DR congo , with extensions to cover Chad, Gabon & Madagascar where primates are deemed to be living.

The DMC only primate Company offering Gorilla trekking , Chimpanzee Tracking , Golden monkey tracking in Rwanda, Gabon, Uganda & DR congo plus chimpanzee Tracking in Tanzania, Uganda.

Primate Safari Experiences LTD  has focused our attention on training and upgrading the personnel, opening offices in key tourist centers, expanding and modernizing our workshop facilities, increasing the quantity and quality of our vehicles, and installing the necessary equipment for smooth communication with the outside world and linking our operations countrywide.

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Primate Safari Experiences was set up on the back of Edward’s experience as travel guide when he explored African.  Having worked for a number of years in the travel industry Edward noticed that there was a niche market for primate safaris that had not been filled.
Now as the only specialist primate safari company in Africa, Primate Safari Experiences offers safaris to see a combination of wildlife in each destination including the mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda, the western lowland gorillas of Gabon, the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic, the lemurs and bizarre wildlife of Madagascar, the chimpanzees of Uganda and Tanzania.

Combining the wildlife & culture of each destination we offer (wherever possible) safaris for the adventure to traveler staying in a variety of accommodation and maximizing your chances for viewing wildlife. Safaris can be tailored to meet clients specific requirements whenever and wherever possible.

For possible safari suggestions to the destination of your choice please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and we would be happy to help.

We look forward to taking you on Primate safari with us!

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Reasons to Book Your Safari with Primate Safari Experiences

As a specialist primate safari company we aim to maximise your Primate & wildlife experience in your destination of choice at the same time as tailoring the lodges and camps that you are using to meet your expectations. Please find listed below a number of reasons of why to choose Primate Safari Experiences for your next safari to see the endangered primates of the Africa:

  • Dedicated personal specialists to deal with your specific luxury safari.
  • Your own dedicated personal specialist will liaise with you throughout the entire booking process.
  • Our specialists have traveled to each destination and can give you that first hand knowledge that makes the difference between a good and a great safari
  • Personal handcrafted itineraries tailored to your specific requirements
  • We will put you in the right place at the right time to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • All of our specialists used to work as guides in one or all of their destinations of expertise
  • 24hr Emergency Assistance with our dedicated 24hr contact number, even when you are away we are thinking of you!
  • Personal follow up from your specialist on returning from your safari
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