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Tour Guides & Team

Unlike most tour operators in Rwanda, Primate Safari Experiences has a team of Professional guides that have been leading safaris & Tours to Various parts of East Africa & Central Africa. Our Safaris include Gorilla Trekking, Mountaineering Safaris & Wildlife Adventures. Our Guides are natives of Countries that they are guiding safaris too, Get the best value for money to ensure you enjoy the safari holiday.

Primate Safaris Rwanda does not restrict you to specific departure dates. Instead we customize each  Rwanda Safari itinerary to suit your wishes with the reservation Department.

Founder: Dickson Director of Ultimate Gorilla Expeditionsis the founder of Primate Safari Experiences born and raised in Uganda and has been working in Ugandan Local government as an administrator, as part of his leisure time he undertakes adventures and road trips and this inspired him to start up a safari a company to offer safaris to East Africa & Central Africa. He is busy and still an active employee in the Ugandan Government.

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Ali Tour Guide to DR Congo
ali   among our longest standing colleges & experienced guide. Ali is Ugandan,speaks French, English. He is a very kind and extremely patient person. His favorite animal is  lowland gorilla.

Baker Tour Guide Rwanda
Rwanda Tour Leaderalso called ‘Baker’ is one of our long standing safari guides and loves the bush. He speaks English, a bit of French. He has a broad knowledge in many subjects. His favorite animal is lions.

Kazungu Tour Guide Rwanda
Tour Guide for Gorilla Safaris    Is leading gorilla safaris to volcanoes National park, he has been working for almost 6 years as a tour guide.He speaks Swahili, English and fluent French . His favorite animal is mountain gorilla.

Abdul Tour Guide.
Tour Guide for Gorilla Safaris  one of our guides on Uganda Kenya Safaris. He is very experienced and knows practically every corner of two countries, he is born in Uganda and raised in Kenya . His favorite animal is the elephant, ranking him to specialize in wildlife safaris

Martin Uganda Tour Leader
Uganda Tour Leader    He is from Central Uganda born in masaka, he studied tourism at Makerere university and has been working as a safari guide since 2013. He speaks English. His favorite animal is the rhino.

Bosco Tour Guide
Uganda Tour Leader   Is leading  primate safaris to Nyungwe forest national park, he has been working for almost 3 years as a tour guide.He speaks English and fluent French . His favorite animal is Chimpanzee.

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