Rwanda Trips

1 Day Gorilla Tour Rwanda
gorilla-2Take on the short Gorilla excursion that will enable you enjoy Rwanda to the fullest and this applies to travelers that have less time to spend or have tight schedules. View Details
2 Days Double Gorilla Trek
gorilla-4Do you want and wish to explore the country with beautiful rolling hills from one point to another, book a trip to Volcanoes NP for the best encounter. View Details
3 Days Chimpanzee Tracking Tour
chimpanzee-kibaleTransfer to Nyungwe Forest NP while in Rwanda to have a unique fulfilled experience with the rare species of Chimpanzee in the forests an encounter that is worthwhile. View Details
4 Days Gorilla & Chimp tracking
gorilla-1Take on a heavy and ideal encounter that will make your adventure very exceptional and exciting since you will transfer to two different destinations of primates. View Details
5 Days Gorilla & Hiking Tour
go-gorillaAre you looking for an ultimate adventure expedition that includes unique encounters around Rwanda, book a 5 Day safari tour to experience the best of Rwanda. View Details
7 Days Gorilla Safari Adventure
gorilla-3Enjoy the 7 Days Gorilla Safari Adventure includes visiting many of Rwanda’s exceptional attractions from one point to the other across various terrains and boundaries. View Details

Congo Trips

2 Days Virunga Gorilla Tour
virunga-mountaingorilla Visit Virunga National Park Congo to have a unique exquisite experience and encounter with the endangered species of Mountain Gorillas where you will learn a lot about them. View Details
3 Days Gorilla & Nyiragongo Hike
nyiragongo-hike Virunga National park should be every traveler’s final destination due to the satisfying expeditions it renders to those that get there while on safari holiday/ vacation. View Details
3 Days Congo Lowland Gorilla
lowland-gorilla-2 Transfer to Kahuzi Biege National Park to encounter and spot the species of eastern lowland Gorillas which live in bigger families compared to the Mountain Gorillas. View Details
3 Days Nyiragongo Hike
niragongo-volcano-1 Travel to DR Congo and locate to the prominent Mt. Nyiragongo volcano one of the world’s most active strato volcanoes. Hike to the top for a remarkable experience. View Details
5 Days lowland Gorilla & Mt kahuzi
lowland-gorilla-1 Transfer to Kahuzi Biege National Park Congo to track the vast species of eastern lowland Gorilla in the thick vegetation Forests and you will enjoy every moment. View Details
6 Days Mountain & Lowland Gorilla
gorilla-5 Are you traveling to the Dr congo, visit Virunga National Park for Mt. Gorilla  trekking then transfer to Kahuzi Biege for lowland Gorilla trekking to have the best. View Details

Uganda Trips

2 Days Mgahinga Gorilla Tour
gorillaEnjoy the 2 Days Mgahinga Gorilla Tour in the south western part of Uganda to spot the Mountain Gorillas embracing their habitat through conjugating, feeding. View Details
3 Days Uganda Gorilla Tour
gorilla-34Transfer to Uganda and enjoy a 3 Days Gorilla safari at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Mgahinga an experience/ encounter that will leave you satisfied. View Details
5 Days Gorilla & Wildlife tours
wildlifeEnjoy the 5 Days Gorilla and wildlife tour in Uganda around the special attractions the country has like the prominent Murchison Falls, Bwindi and Queen ELizabeth NPs. View Details
6 Days Uganda ultimate Safari
mburo-kobEnjoy and experience Uganda to the maximum by transferring/ visiting the tremendous destinations the country has whether you prefer birding, wildlife encounters. View Details
7 Days Uganda Safari
wildlife-lionFrom one point to another, Uganda has very many beautiful attractions to spot so book and enjoy the 7 Days Uganda safari to various beautiful destinations. View Details
8 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Tour
elephantEnjoy your journey around the pearl of Africa by taking on the 8 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Tour from one destination to another to spot the country’s exceptional features. View Details

Combined Trips

4 Days Chimpanzee & Lowland Tour
chimpanzee-1 Transfer to the vast magnificent DR Congo and locate to Kahuzi Bege NP as well as Tongo Forest to spot these differnt primates i.e the eastern lowland Gorillas & Chimps. View Details
4 Days Rwanda Chimps & Lowlands
chimpanzee Enjoy a 4 Days safari tour in both Rwanda and DRC to spot the chimps of Nyungwe then transfer to Kahuzi Biege for lowland Gorillas an encounter that’s remarkable. View Details
5 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Tour
gorilla-7 Visit Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo to encounter, enjoy and spot various wildlife species in different destinations and these include intelligent primates like the Gorillas. View Details
6 Days Serengeti & Gorilla Tour
serengeti1 Travel and book a safari tour around East Africa from Tanzania in Serengeti where you will leave to enjoy tracking Gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda as well as DR Congo. View Details
8 Days Gorilla & Masai Mara Tour
masai-mara Travel to Kenya to enjoy the various traditions of the people for example the Masai a prominent tribe/ group in Kenya then transfer for Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda. View Details
9 Days Rwanda, Uganda Safari Tour
leopard1 Enjoy safari tour in both the two countries and you will get the best of your adventure and the attractions vary from wildlife expeditions, primate encounters, birding tours. View Details