Serengeti Wildebeest migration & Gorilla Trekking in Africa.

As many travelers coming to Tanzania & Rwanda for Wildebeest Migration & Gorilla Trekking adventures are becoming increasingly since the acceptance of East African Community, Primate Safaris Rwanda has become among the leading safari company that offers multi country safaris to Rwanda & Tanzania to all the travelers experience the big five in national Parks like Serengeti, Lake Manyara & visit the primates in Volcanoes , Virunga & Kahuzi Biega National Parks in Rwanda and Congo for true african primate safari.:

Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania .

As Serengeti national park in Tanzania is ranked as the best wildlife destination in Africa, Wildebeest migration is among the top safari activity to be visited Tanzania.

Usually, In every year, Rains in the Serengeti region around the month November and when the short grass grows, herds of wildebeests begin to migrate so that they can feed on this shot grass that has grown in the Serengeti plains (the south and the East) and also the north of the Ngorongoro conservation Area. During this time, wildebeests and zebras are all scattered everywhere feeding on the fresh grass. They usually stay in this area through January, February and March. They start spreading west and eventually, around the month of April they begin migrating north and by the end of May, all the Serengeti’s wildebeest are in the North but most of them go even further west. In June, the migration is usually halted on the southern side of River Grumeti. This blocks the journey further north. They then gather in the western corridor before crossing the river. By this time, the crocodiles are also ready to do the feasting, catching their prey as they cross the river.

The journey continues all through July and august and in September, the heards spread out across the northern side of Serengeti where the River Mara gives a challenge to the animals. The Mara river, adjustment to the Masai Mara Game reserve is the most serious or dangerous obstacle. This is the most spectacular scene of great panic and confusion, the climax of this great trek and by October, the wildebeest herds migrate again, heading south, through western Loliondo and the Lobo area, returning to the green shoots that follow the rains on the short-grass plains of the southern Serengeti National park.

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Gorilla Trekking in Africa.

Gorilla Trekking adventures in Africa can be only be done in Rwanda , Uganda & Democratic republic of congo . Just know that all gorilla trekking trips offered by Ultimate gorilla expeditions take you to any of three destination mentioned above.