Opened in 2009 as a way of expanding Tourism activities in Rwanda, the Congo Nile Trail comprises of a net of roads consecutive from Gisenyi and Cyangugu with beautiful attractions varying from hills, forests, villages, local towns, valleys etc. While on this trail that can be surveyed through many different ways like cycling, walking, motorcycling, one should expect to spot and observe the unique Village life of the Rwandeese as well as the sights and sounds of the country’s magnificent nature like the birds.

The means used depend on the tastes and preferences of certain parties as according to what one wants. The trail from Gisenyi to Cyangugu includes a distance of 227 kilometers that can be finished in 10 days while hiking/ 5 days while biking. This can be broken in instances where the tourist has scheduled time that cannot allow him/ her a 10 days hike or 5 days biking. While taking on this, tourists are advised to carry a guiding map, hire porters in case the luggage is a lot and be assured that they will be safe due to the advanced security enhanced by the government of Rwanda.

The trail includes various routes and duration options and these include;

  • The first option trail is from Gisenyi heading south where it ends in Kamembe and can be finished in 5 days using a well serviced bike.
  • The other option is from Gisenyi to the Kibuye route and this can be finished in a day/ two hence very appropriate for tourists/ visitors with less/ scheduled time.

What to carry for the trail

While preparing for the trail, you should carry enough drinking water and snacks in your backpack. This is because it might take you about 5-10 kms to reach a village with shops selling snacks and water especially while trekking the extremely remote areas like hills and forests.

The essential equipment one should have in order to have a successful trailing experience over the Congo Nile Trail includes;

  • Spare parts of the motorcycles and bikes
  • Sleeping sack, bag and tent.
  • A few clothes.
  • Sunglasses
  • Scarf/ sweater
  • Toiletries
  • A dust mask
  • Snacks & Water.

The Congo Nile trail is a very exciting activity to take part in due to the fact that it involves traveling a longer distance from one point to another hence spotting various natural features like the thick forest vegetation, terrain, rivers/ lakes an experience and encounter that is very extraordinary. The Activities taken include;

  • Biking
  • Cycling/ Motorcycling
  • Nature walks


Eight appropriately maintained campsites are available for all those that take part in the trail and these were constructed by the authorized Rwanda Development Board. These don’t need any booking advances before use. Many guest houses like Kinunu guest house, peace guest house, home Saint Jean guest house, Kibogora guest house, Bethanie guest house are also available in the prominent towns as well as the villages and these charge 5000- 30,000 Rwandan francs. However, one is advised to trail with their own sleeping tent and bags to avoid any inconveniences and in case you don’t have any, request/ hire one from the Rwanda Development Board/ a tour operator agency.