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Experience the jewel of Akagera National Park with one of these popular travel styles that have been recommended by primate safaris Rwanda and it includes self drive travelers and guided tours. Plan for Wildlife safari to rwanda with Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions. .

Akagera National Park -Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda

Akagera National Park Rwanda was named after Akagera River and is situated in the North Eastern part of the country near the city of Kibungu occupying an area of more than 2500 sq kms with Savannah in the western part of the Kagera River that conveys the boundary of Tanzania. There are a number of wildlife species like the herds of elephant, buffalo, spotted hyena, stray lions, leopard, zebra, waterbuck, topi, roan antelope, impala, bushbuck, oribi, bohor, reedbuck, Klipspringer, eland, giraffe etc inhabiting the park with over 500 unique beautiful bird species  like the sought after shoebill stork that relocate from one part of the park to the other. The park includes scenic muddles of swamps, twisted acacia woodland combined with open grassland and lakes that tag along the wandering flow of River Akagera also referred to as the distant source of the magnificent Nile River. Among the lakes in which the prominent River Akagera pours its waters is the beautiful Lake Ihema which is the largest of all and enhances extraordinary boat cruising encounters and experiences to all travelers.

Activities Taken

  • Game Drives
  • Birding Watching
  • Boat Cruises
  • Sports Fishing

Akagera National Park is wel known for its wildlife creatures and its among the reasons that its ranked high when it comes to wildlife spotting in Rwanda. Book a Wildlife Safari to Akagera National Park to enjoy the following safari activities.

  • Game Drives which will reward you with the chance of see the lions and other wildlife animals within the park.
  • Birding Watching, Known for its seasonal birds that tend to migrate to african during different climatic seasons . ( dependent on Weather)
  • Boat Cruises, Enjoy the boat ride on lake ihema as you watch other water creatures and local fishing villages within the park.
  • Sports Fishing, Highly recommended but not much compared to lake Victoria fishing safaris offered in Uganda side or Tanzania Side.

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